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Our Approach

At The Empowerment Rooms we believe every woman has the right to feel like a goddess at each stage of her journey through pregnancy, birth, motherhood and career transition. After all, it’s an AMAZING thing she’s doing. We believe she should be informed in her decision-making, and supported in those decisions, whatever they may be.

We believe that every partner and family member should feel empowered when supporting their leading lady and be given a tool kit to effectively do so.

We believe that all women should be afforded sacred time, to connect to their body, reflect on their experiences and to be able to share their stories with pride. The Empowerment Rooms welcomes them all with an open heart. We can’t promise you a perfect experience of pregnancy, birth or parenthood, but we can help you achieve an empowered one.


Alexandra Ballarini BSc (Hons.) DipHb (KGH)

Founder and Principal Practitioner

First of all, thank you so much for visiting our page – we are really glad to see you here.

When I explain to women that my passion is to enable happy pregnancies, positive births and empowered experiences of parenthood, the response I often get is ‘oh, all that hippy birthy stuff just isn’t for me’. I find that so interesting because it demonstrates our society’s idea that an empowered perinatal experience is ‘only for a certain type of person’. And this couldn’t be further from the truth. A calm, positive, empowered experience is deserved by every woman and every birth partner supporting that woman. And here at The Empowerment Rooms, we are on a mission to make sure that incorrect perceptions are changed.

I myself am from a corporate background, having spent my first pregnancy and experience of motherhood in the world of finance. During my second pregnancy, I was a full-time mum, and I know how incredibly challenging both circumstances can be without the correct support.

I am proud to be a Doula, having trained with the incredible Kicki Hansard at the BirthBliss Academy. I am also a qualified Hypnobirthing Practitioner and was lucky enough to have completed my training with the world-renowned Katharine Graves. I have a keen interest in the early years of family life and sit on the Governing Board of a nursery school.  I also love to share pregnancy, birth and parenthood information on my Instagram – please check it out during your commute, when you’re hiding in the loo from the kids or wherever you may be! @empowerment_rooms.

Thank you so much and Let’s Get Empowered!