Pregnancy Relaxation

The demands of a busy lifestyle and the many changes to your pregnant body can often leave you feeling exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. The Empowerment Rooms Pregnancy Relaxation sessions give some time back to you, so you can connect with your body and bond with your baby at this special and sacred time. Using mindfulness techniques that can be applied in all aspects of life, the sessions allow you to immerse yourself in your pregnancy and to fully connect with your baby.

No experience is necessary and all physical abilities are very welcome. This is time just for you and your baby – come and grab it!


Hypnobirthing is an excellent way to prepare your body and mind for the birth of your baby and to inform yourself about your birth choices. The sessions are a mix of learning, practicing, videos, discussion and tea drinking!

The course has been developed by Katharine Graves, founder of the Hypnobirthing Association, and is underpinned by five key concepts – the 5 C’s of KGHypnobirthing.

CONFIDENCE – understand the incredible abilities of your birthing body, the science behind the hormones of birth and why they are so important. Harness this knowledge to empower your pregnancy and to set you up for a wonderfully positive birth experience.

CALM – you will learn how to use breathing, visualisations and other hypnobirthing techniques to keep you (and your birth partner!) calm throughout pregnancy and labour.

CHOICE – during pregnancy you will face many choices about the birth of your baby and finding the right information can be a daunting prospect. On this course you will understand how the UK maternity system operates, what your choices are and how to advocate for them, and what the impacts of your choices may be.

CONTROL – no-one likes to feel out of control and this is especially important when it comes to the birth of your baby. Learn how to navigate your own ‘path to birth’ and to personalise your experience according to your specific preferences.

COMFORT – studies have shown that hypnobirthing mums experience less intervention and opt for less pain relief during labour than non hypnobirthing mums. Understand the reasons behind this and equip yourself with the techniques to optimise your chances of a comfortable birth experience.