Have you ever been at one of those dinner parties where the guests divulge every tiny detail of their far-from-perfect birth experience? Or maybe your ideas around birth have come from the mainstream media? (Who else remembers when Rachel from Friends headbutts Ross during labour?) Or perhaps even your well-meaning relatives have ‘warned’ you about what is to come? I get it and I have been there. With these experiences as your ‘reference point’ for birth, it’s no wonder you feel anxious. Why the heck wouldn’t you? It is very normal to feel this way and rest assured that you are certainly not alone. 

But guess what; birth doesn’t have to be something to be afraid of. Birth can be positive, empowering and wait for it…..enjoyable! Yep, you read that right – enjoyable! And that’s where Hypnobirthing comes in. It’s got your back and can completely transform your birth experience from a fearful one to an enjoyable one. Take a look at these birth videos below to see exactly what I mean.

Heads up – these videos contain images of birth (obviously!)