I remember only too well how busy my day was when I was pregnant and managing a busy career in the City. 

There was demand upon demand on my time from the moment I tottered out the door to the office, to the moment I flopped down on the sofa at the end of a frantic day. I had those times when lunch was eating a bowl of cereal at my desk. I had those times when the intensity of my commute made me want to vomit. I had those times when I felt I’d dropped the ball on a project.

I’ve been there, my friend. But what is so great, is that Hypnobirthing literally gives you a life skill and support system you can use to not only prepare for a positive birth and parenthood experience, but also sets you up to better manage stress and overwhelm for life. The techniques in Hypnobirthing help you step back confidently into the workplace, supporting you in being your most successful self.